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    Jungle Calais

    Hameed, 28, worked for the Canadians in Helmand province. Once the Taliban found out, local elders warned him to continue his work. Since he continued they warned his father who in return took him to Kabul. Before departure Hameed received the 300 year old family heirloom ring to never forget of his family. He hopes to continue working as translator for migrants in the UK due to his documents proving his skills. “If they catch me in France, I rather go back to Afghanistan than stay in these conditions. Germany would be nice but I won’t make it back. And at least in Afghanistan I die at home with my family.” His journey went from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and now France.

  1. f/9
  2. 1/160 sec
  3. 24mm
  4. ISO 100
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